A little bit about us

The history of our activity began with a friend’s offer for help with the reconstruction of his two-room apartment in Prague. I had a lot of experience with reconstruction of my shops and apartments before, where traces of my main profession as an aircraft engineer were visible. The realization of my knowledge and ideas in architecture and design has always been very interesting for me.

During our work, the friends of my friend visited the apartment and they also wanted to make reconstruction of their home too. They liked our work very much and began to recommend us to their friends. This is how our reconstruction activities began in 2013. During those years of our working in the construction sphere we have implemented dozens of projects.

For all the years of our work we try to walk in the rhythm of new technologies and ideas. We improve and enhance the professionalism of our employees. We regularly participate in various construction and design exhibitions and events. We follow new discoveries and new materials that allow us to improve and modernize the quality of construction and reconstruction.